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NEW Rose

Melinda Love Roses and this new and improved rose pattern can be made in any of your favorite rose colors. You will learn how color and values add depth and realism to your rose, along with how Melinda layers her colors just like a painting to make her flowers pop.  She has created a special fabric kit for this class in 3 colors. Pink, purple, and yellow-orange

For ZOOM Classes, the student will order their pattern or kit from Melinda Shop, and your orders will send it directly to the home.  click on Shop. OR
NOTE: Students can work from just the pattern using their own fabrics or purchase a kit. 
When choosing your own fabrics, please use the color chart below, and NO solid fabric, batiks, and small prints work best. 

Just the pattern-$25
NEW Rose Kit is $75. It includes: 10 batiks fabrics to make your flower,$25 Pattern with large layout guild, a full-color pattern booklet, and all pattern pieces traced for the student’s

NEW Rose
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