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My Journey as a Quilt Artist

My 20 years as a Quilt Artist have taught me a lot. Mostly how to persevere. My lecture takes you through some of my challenges when making certain quilts.  Stepping out of the box in quilting was and still is very scary. Then, I share my tricks for developing your own style. I show how I developed some of my quilts, step-by-step PowerPoint to give you the idea of how this all works. And finish with how I use thread play to bring it all together.   This is a 55-min: Power-Point with live quits.

The Power and Secret of Color

Have you ever wanted more confidence in knowing how to pick the right colors? Why is it that some people gravitate to the right colors while others struggle? Learn how the artist looks at color and the science behind color. Melinda will demonstrate how this color magic works and give you more color confidence. Learn these color tricks that are sure to help you when making your next quilt.  Includes a Power-Point presentation with live quilts.








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